The secrets of Black Lion Lane


Black Lion Lane, in the city of Brighton, has two claims to fame. The first related to the future King Charles the Second, who hid in Brighton to avoid the Roundheads. Charles, disguised as a servant, was allegedly carried along this road before being rowed to France by a fisherman.

The very next day, historians say, a party of soldiers arrived in Brighton looking for the king and his unknown accomplice.

The second story relates to a wager between two men in Regency times. The first man, a portly gentleman by the name of Bullock challenged the second, a Lord Barrymore, to a race. The bet was that Bullock could beat Barrymore – as long he was given a 10-yard head-start and was allowed to choose the route.

Accordingly, Bullock decided that the race should be along Black Lion Lane – and, of course, there was no way that Barrymore could squeeze past Bullock’s ample frame as he ran along the passageway.

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