Clarendon Street, in Cambridge, has some of the most sought-after houses in the city; just minutes away from the town centre but in a quiet area with little through-traffic and plenty of peace and quiet. What’s more, one of Cambridge’s biggest and most popular open spaces – Parker’s Piece – is right on the doorstep.

However, this area has not always been quite so salubrious. In fact, much of the area around you resembled something of a slum for many decades in the 19th century, and was frequented by a large number of prostitutes.

The university saw these women as a threat to the well-being of the student population and, until the late 19th century, maintained the right to imprison anyone it considered to be a ‘loose woman’.

‘Crimes’, which often led to several weeks in prison, included wearing a “dropped neck” or exposing “bare arms”. However, certain accounts of the period suggest that what the university referred to as prostitution was more likely to have been a form of child abuse, with Cambridge’s students taking advantage of young girls who had no choice in the matter.

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