Tourist Tracks Support

Welcome to the Support/FAQ page. Here, you will find answers to the most common queries. If you still need help, please email us at We will respond as promptly as possible.

How does it work?

Our walking tours are provided in standard MP3 format. When you purchase a download, you’ll be sent a link to a zip file. The link only stays live for approximately 48 hours or so. The zip file contains a set of MP3 files and a map in PDF format. Simply unzip the files, print out the map, copy the MP3 files to your iPod or MP3 player and head off for your chosen destination (if you’re not sure how to unzip or extract, there is a good guide here Please note we are unable to provide support on the unzipping process, nor on the process of copying files to your MP3 player, as each individual’s setup will be different. Please be sure you understand both of these processes before making your purchase.

Help! My files don’t work!

The most common reason for your audio player software not recognising the files is that you have not unzipped or extracted them. Compressed or zipped files will not play until extracted or unzipped.

Occasionally, you may not have completed the download of the original zip file entirely. This may be down to any number of reasons, including a connection failure or something similar. Ensure that the file you have downloaded has .zip on the end. If it doesn’t, use the link in your email to attempt the download again.

Can I download the tours directly to my iPhone/iPad/mobile device?

We cannot guarantee that file downloads will work on your mobile device. Android devices often have file limits, and for iOS users, Safari blocks downloads on iPhones/iPads. You will have to make the purchase on your Mac/PC, unzip the files as directed above, and copy the MP3 files into iTunes (or equivalent). Alternatively, for iOS users, there is an app called Files which we understand will allow downloading to take place on these devices, though we have not tested its suitability. We are unable to offer device-specific support, so please ensure you know that your device can handle downloading and unzipping our files before completing your purchase. We cannot offer refunds on downloads due to device unsuitability, sorry.

How can I pay for my tours?

We use Paypal (though you don’t need a Paypal account, as you can pay by credit card without creating an account).

How much space do I need on my MP3 player?

Each tour page contains information on size of zip files, length of audio and walking time required.

Are the tours available in any other languages?

No, but we’re happy to license our content to operators in other countries if they want to translate them!

We no longer sell CDs or MiVox players, sorry!