Here’s what our previous customer think of our tours:

‘Thank you so much for the two Canterbury walks — they made our weekend a high quality event! The guides are clear and interesting, and provided many fascinating insights into the history and locations of the town. The walks were an ideal length, and the stopping points were clearly marked on the handy map provided with the download. We loved being allowed to go at our own pace — and we could stop to nip into the shops along the way! We are thinking of where to go for our next weekend break — but we will have to make it one of the towns covered by Tourist Tracks so we know we will have a good time! Thanks again for a top-quality guide at such a low price’
Lewis Kirby

‘My daughter and I followed your London Bridge tour, which begins in Southwark, recently. We really enjoyed our walk and found several places that we would not have found otherwise especially the lovely Borough Market. I’ve recommended your tours to friends and we’ll certainly use your guides another time.’
Fiona Macvie

‘With a friend, I did the London Bridge walking tour and enjoyed it immensely. Both of us get lost in a one-way street and were amazed that we not only managed to complete the tour but in the correct order. The instructions were clear as was the map.’
Jean Cox

‘I found myself with an unexpectedly free afternoon during a business trip to Edinburgh. I did a web search for “Edinburgh tours” and found your site. A few dollars later I had downloaded the audio tour to my iPod and I got a great whirlwind tour of the city at my own (brisk!) pace. Can’t wait to do this with my iPhone, where I’ll be able to download on demand! It’ll change the way I prepare for travel.’
Armando Fox

‘We visited London and surrounds in October. Last and high on our list of must sees was Bath. Your tour was easy to use with its recognisable starting points and step by step descriptions. We will be back again this October are eagerly studying your offerings as we make our plans.’
Charles Mitchum

‘I’m writing to tell you how much I enjoyed and appreciated the City of Westminster walking tour. My situation was difficult — I was traveling elsewhere but had an 8-hour layover in London. I had never been to Europe and couldn’t miss an opportunity to visit now that the opportunity was at my fingertips. Subtracting all the travel time from Heathrow and giving myself a buffer for all that involved with flying, I knew I wanted to see and do as much as I could in the heart of London while having my own flexibility in time. Not knowing the city, I didn’t even know which walking tour to pick — they all seemed great! I asked for help and the customer service was fantastic. Once I got there, the easy-to-use map that was provided navigated me to my starting point and from there I was off on an adventure! I was able to take my time seeing EVERYTHING that Westminster had to offer without getting confused or lost once. Talking to friends back home (in Texas!), they told me that I probably saw more than most people see in a few days in London and was more educated than them too. Being able to pause and play by having it on my mp3 player was perfect for me.’
Tiffany Lin

‘We would like to say how thoroughly enjoyable the Tourist Tracks tour made our visit to Cambridge. We found it helpful to listen beforehand then we knew what to expect and could be more aware. The voice was clear and the comments were informative, interesting and contained slightly humorous facts which made it even more enjoyable. Looking forward to going walkabout this year and downloading more tours.’
Mike Goodes

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