Bath MP3 Audio Walking Tours

We have two MP3 audio walks around Bath, Heritage City Highlights and Across the River. You can download them individually for £3 each, or buy both together for £5. All our walks include a map in PDF format, which you will find within the zip file that you download immediately after purchase. Audio files are standard MP3 format, suitable for use on iPods and other MP3-compatible devices.

Heritage City Highlights

A 50-minute walk taking in the highlights of Bath: the Abbey, Roman Baths, the Royal Crescent, The Circus and the Assembly Rooms


Zip file (includes PDF map): 17Mb
Tracks: 14
Audio length: 27:49
Walking time: 50 mins

Across the River

Cross the River Avon and make your way along the serene Kennett and Avon Canal. This walk also takes in verdant Sydney Gardens and amazing Pulteney Bridge.


Zip file (includes PDF map): 13Mb
Tracks: 14
Audio length: 20:47
Walking time: 50 mins

Bath highlights

On our two Bath walks, you will hear about many of the city’s major historical highlights, including:

The Roman Baths

Rediscovered in the 18th Century after hundreds of years, the Roman Baths are built around Britain’s only hot spring. Go inside (entrance fee applies) to experience the majesty of the full complex, including the King’s Bath, overlooked by a statue of King Bladud who, legend has it, discovered the city in the 9thCentury BC.

Bath Abbey

The current building dates from 1499 and is described as the last great Gothic church in England. It’s fantastic range of stained glass windows have earned it the nickname ‘the lantern of the west’.

The Theatre Royal

One of the oldest working theatres in the country, Bath’s Theatre Royal has its roots in 1705. The current building dates from 1863, and it was the first ‘theatre royal’ outside of London.

Royal Crescent

Construction of the Royal Crescent, the masterpiece of architect John Wood the Younger, began in 1766, with all 30 houses completed by 1778. It’s a magnificent site, and the 114 columns across the 164-metre crescent provide the backdrop to one of the city’s most photographed features. Our tour will also tell you all about the ‘ha-ha’ retaining wall, which has an unusual etymology.

The Circus

Another creation of the Wood family, this time begun by John the Elder in 1754, with work completed by his son. It is thought that this circular terrace reflects Wood’s fascination with druids – the Circus has exactly the same diameter as the grass circle that surrounds Stonehenge.

Pulteney Bridge

Designed by Robert Adam in 1768, this picturesque bridge has echoes of Venice’s Rialto Bridge andFlorence’s Ponte Vecchio. Along with elliptical weir below it, the iconic bridge is a photogenic highlight of our tours.

The Holbourne Museum

Opened in 1796 as a hotel, this building has taken on many guises through the years, including a hydropathic centre and a school. Now a museum of art, it contains a fine collection of paintings, sculptures and other objets d’art.

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