Cheltenham MP3 Audio Walking Tours


We have two MP3 audio walks around Cheltenham, Montpellier and Pittville. You can download them individually for £3 each, or buy both together for £5. All our walks include a map in PDF format, which you will find within the zip file that you download immediately after purchase. Audio files are standard MP3 format, suitable for use on iPods and other MP3-compatible devices.


A 60-minute walk around the Regency centre of Cheltenham, including: the War Memorial; the Neptune fountain; Imperial Gardens; the Queens Hotel; Cheltenham Ladies’ College; the site of the original Montpellier Spa; Lansdown Crescent; the Gordon Lamp; Suffolk Square; the Daffodil (former art deco cinema); Cheltenham College; the birthplace of polar explorer Edward Wilson; Montpellier Gardens; and the Town Hall.


Zip file (includes PDF map): 40Mb
Tracks: 14
Audio length: 31:44
Walking time: 60 mins


A 60-minute stroll out to the Pittville Estate, featuring: Royal Crescent; John Dower House; the Art Gallery and Museum; St Mary’s Church; the Everyman Theatre; the Holst Museum; Pitville Park; the Pittville Pump Room; Wellington Square; and Clarence Square.


Zip file (includes PDF map): 29Mb
Tracks: 10
Audio length: 23:00
Walking time: 60 mins

Cheltenham highlights

Saltwater Spas

Cheltenham made its name in the late 18th century as a spa destination – resulting from the discovery of the only saline cold water spring in the country. You can still taste the water from this spring at the Pittville Pump Room, on our Pittville tour. Many of the original spas are no longer operating, but our Montpellier tour takes you past the original sites of the Sherburne Spa (now the Queens Hotel), the Royal Well (now Cheltenham Ladies’ College) and the Montpellier Spa (now a bank).

Regency Architecture

Along with Brighton, Cheltenham provides one of the best examples of a Regency town in Britain. Much of the original architecture is still in place, and even recent developments have been in keeping with the late 18th century design and blend in seamlessly. There are plenty of opportunities to see Regency terraces and villas, including those at Montpellier Terrace, Lansdown Terrace, Suffolk Square. Wellington Square, Clarence Square and, of course, the Pittville Estate.

Educational Excellence

Cheltenham boasts two of the finest private schools in the country – Cheltenham Ladies’ College and Cheltenham College. Both are architectural marvels, as well as being seats of academic excellence, and can be seen on our Montpellier tour.

Museums and Galleries

Cheltenham has its fair share of historical tales to tell, many of which are featured in the Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum. The town is also the birthplace of the composer Gustav Holst, most famous for his Planets Suite, and there is a museum dedicated to his life and work in the town. Both museums feature on our Pittville tour.

The Pittville Estate

This architectural experiment – which ultimately failed in its aim to become an alternative place to stay from the centre of Cheltenham for the Regency aristocracy – is the work of Joseph Pitt. Our Pittville tour will tell you how this area of the town was conceived and – to a point – developed, as well as take you past some of the surviving architecture. The area’s highlight – and indeed one of the highlights of the town as a whole – is the Pittville Pump Room itself.

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