Ely MP3 Audio Walking Tours

We have two MP3 walking tours of Ely, which are available separately for £3 each, or £5 when bought together as a download.

Ely City

A 60-minute stroll through one of the UK’s smallest cities, which has Ely Cathedral at its centre. Discover the history behind the city’s name, its origins as an island and walk along the banks of the River Ouse.


Zip file (includes PDF map): 47Mb
Tracks: 13
Audio length: 38 mins approx
Walking time: 60 mins

Ely Cathedral

A 45-minute guided walk around the inside of the Cathedral, giving visitors an insight into the architecture and the history of the building and its chapels. Please note, a separate entrance fee is payable to go in to the Cathedral, except on Sundays, when it is free.


Zip file (includes PDF map): 43Mb
Tracks: 11
Audio length: 34 mins approx
Walking time: 1 x 45 mins

Events in Ely

There are no upcoming events at the moment

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