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We have a two-hour audio walk around Glasgow, which is available for £5, or can be bought together with our Edinburgh tour for £8. All our walks include a map in PDF format, which you will find within the zip file that you download immediately after purchase. Audio files are standard MP3 format, suitable for use on iPods and other MP3-compatible devices.

The route passes by some of the major cultural, historical and architectural highlights of central Glasgow, including: George Square; City Chambers; Gallery of Modern Art; Merchant City; Glasgow Savings Bank; Italian quarter; Ramshorn Kirk/Theatre; Tollbooth Steeple; Provand’s Lordship; St Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art; Glasgow Cathedral; Necropolis; University of Strathclyde; Glasgow Royal Concert Hall; Willow Tearooms; Glasgow School of Art; Blythswood Square; and Nelson Mandela Place.


Zip file (includes PDF map): 53Mb
Tracks: 16
Audio length: 43:10 mins
Walking time: 2 hours (approx)

Glasgow highlights

Merchant history

Glasgow found its feet as a trading post, with a particular quarter being dubbed Merchant City. Our tour takes you through its heart, which boasts some glorious Georgian and Victorian architecture, including the Glasgow Savings Bank – now a fashion store, but with its original impressive exterior intact..

Glasgow sons

There are several famous historical figures associated with Glasgow, many of which have strong links to stops on our tour, such as the explorer David Livingstone, celebrated architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh and, from recent memory, Donald Dewar, Scotland’s first-ever First Minister.

Religious endeavours

The city has always had strong religious links, and Glasgow Cathedral itself is one of the city’s iconic highlights. Founded by St Mungo, who later became patron saint of Glasgow, in 550AD, it is one of the few catholic buildings to escape relatively unscathed from the reformation period. The nearby St Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art celebrates the six major faiths of the world, while in the Merchant City area, you will find Ramshorn Kirk, a Presbyterian church that now operates as a theatre.

Art and architecture

Charles Rennie Mackintosh led the Art Nouveau movement in Britain, which brought his love of Japanese design to a wider audience. The recreation of the Willow Tearooms provides an opportunity to see his work up close, and his legacy can also be seen at the nearby Glasgow School of Art. The tour also passes by the Gallery of Modern Art, which has earned a reputation as one of the most visited galleries of its type outside of London.

Historic buildings

Provand’s Lordship, ‘the oldest house in Glasgow’, was built in 1471 and, through the efforts of various historians and preservation societies, remains standing for you to explore today. Also on the tour is the Tollbooth Steeple, an impressive tower that once marked the central point of the city.

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