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Radcliffe Camera, Oxford
Radcliffe Camera, Oxford

We have three MP3 audio walks around Oxford, Highlights of the Medieval City, Christ Church and the River, and Outside the Medieval City. You can download them individually for £3 each, or buy all three together for £7.50. All our walks include a map in PDF format, which you will find within the zip file that you download immediately after purchase. Audio files are standard MP3 format, suitable for use on iPods and other MP3-compatible devices.

Highlights of the Medieval City

A 40-minute walk through the ancient city, taking in sights such as the Radcliffe Camera, the Sheldonian Theatre and Merton College.


Zip file (includes PDF map): 14Mb
Audio points: 11
Audio length: 20:41
Walking time: 40 mins

Christ Church and the River

This walk discovers the delights of Christ Church college, and the beautiful water meadows that surround it. Discover some of the city’s best picnic spots!


Zip file (includes PDF map): 11Mb
Audio points: 11
Audio length: 16:46
Walking time: 60 mins

Outside the Medieval City

Find out about the Oxford Martyrs, the Inklings and much more in this 30-minute walk around some of Oxford’s grandest streets.


Zip file (includes PDF map): 11Mb
Audio points: 9
Audio length: 17:34
Walking time: 30 mins

Oxford highlights

On our three Oxford walks, you will hear about many of the city’s major historical highlights, including:

The Colleges

Many of the city’s colleges are mentioned on the tours, including: All Souls College, which features a spectacular courtyard and houses only research fellows; Queen’s College, founded in 1340 by Robert De Engelberg, and the temporary home of many famous undergraduates, including Tim Berners-Lee, credited with founding the world wide web; University College, Oxford’s first college, founded in 1249; Merton College, featuring the oldest quadrangle in Oxford, Mob Quad; Christ Church, one of the city’s grandest colleges, which was founded by Cardinal Wolsey but completed by Henry 8th; Magdelene College, with its impressive 100ft tower, used as an observation post during the civil war; Balliol College, dating from 1263, named after John de Balliol, who was forced into founding a place of learning after insulting the Bishop of Durham; St John’s College, named after the patron saint of tailors, as it was founded by merchant tailor Sir Thomas White; Keble College, the first Oxford college to be built entirely of brick; and Wadham College, which for many years, adhered to the statutes of its founder, Dorothy Wadham, in that no women were allowed in the college, with the exception of the laundress.

The Sheldonian Theatre

An impressive building, designed by Sir Christopher Wren, attended by all students of the university at least twice – once for their matriculation (when they officially become members of the university) and once for their degree ceremony.

Radcliffe Camera

The first round library to be built in Britain, it was constructed as part of the legacy of John Radcliffe, a doctor to the royal family, who left his books and a large sum of money to Oxford University after his death. It is now part of the Bodleian Library and houses reading rooms for undergraduates.

Christ Church Meadow

Part of our tour takes you through this classic, beautiful area of Oxford, where the land in front of Christ Church runs all the way down to the river.

Oxford Cathedral

One of the smallest in the country and part of Christ Church – it is the only church in the world that is a cathedral and a college chapel at the same time.

The Oxford Martyrs

Learn about the three Oxford Martyrs, Cranmer, Latimer and Ridley, who were burned at the stake for heresy.

Famous Oxford pubs

The Eagle and Child and The Lamb and Flag both hosted the Inklings, a group of authors and poets than featured CS Lewis and JRR Tolkein among their numbers; The Bear, which features a collection of snipped ties behind the bar; and the Turf Tavern – where former US President Bill Clinton famously ‘didn’t inhale’…

Oxford Museums

The Oxford University Museum of Natural History, completed in 1858, houses a magnificent collection of artefacts, including dinosaur skeletons and the remains of a dodo.

The Bridge of Sighs

Thought to be the most photographed building in the whole of Oxford, the bridge links the two buildings of Hertford College. Built in 1913, it is modelled on its namesake in Venice.

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